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Somos un grupo de fans de Cazadores de Sombras en Chile. Nos consideramos unos “Shadow Hunters” que queremos concentrar nuestra energía, básicamente en transmitir la magía que se vive con la lectura y en especial con los libros de Cassandra Clare. Si gustas de los libros de la literatura fantástica, no tengas dudas que “Cazadores de Sombra” te llevará a un mundo lleno de fantasías, pero que te harán sentir que a veces la realidad, es sólo una apariencia…y lo que realmente existe entre nosotros es más allá de simples humanos. Te invitamos a adéntrate al mundo de los Nephilim, los Hijos de la Noche, Hijos de la Luna, Hadas y Demonios…y junto con nosotros expandir el poder que tiene Los Instrumentos Mortales en este mundo de fantasía….te aseguro, no te arrepentirás

City of Bones

City of Bones
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jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

Selección de FanArts por PCC


Gideon Lightwood

love makes you a liar


Why was 7 afraid of 9? by *Street-Angel
So I’ve been turning over lots of ways to represent the relationship I see Jonathan and Jace having and while re-reading City of Glass (spoilers for those that haven’t read it) when they fight each other at the end and Jace thinks ‘well I guess we got the same present for our 9th birthday’, or something along those lines, the idea to have them stabbing each other in the back struck me. This was tricky and can only really be done one of two ways, the way I’ve done it, or as two images each showing the alternate back and front comme ca [link] .As I was drawing it however I realise it looks like Jonathan wants to jump Jace.I was also on skype to *OokamiKaze at the time and we were discussing pairing names, Clace, Sizzy, Malec, Kaia and so on. Then he made the off hand comment ‘I was also contemplating how funny it is that a crack pairing JohnathanXJace doesn’t have a clever name’.So I said ‘Jonace’...Jonathan and Jace are now officially the Jonace brothers OTLWhy do I feel like I’m slowly destroying the credibility of this fandom? *shot* OTL


The love that moves the sun and all the other stars.
 -The Mortal Instruments City of Lost Souls
(chapter 1)(part 1 )

Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?


A snippet from cover art for an upcoming book!
We’ll send the first person to reply and correctly identify the symbol pictured here an early ARC of the book in question, as soon as they’re available this fall.
Need a hint? (Or you could just look at the tags, we guess …)


the duck hating herondale boys

Isabelle/Simon. Adorable ….


The Kind of Boy by *Street-Angel

~mikey922 requests some SimonxIzzy and ~otohime-san requested ‘something of Simon trying to impress Isabelle in Deadman’s Party from City of Bones?’shadowhunterradio on Tumblr also requested some general Simon art.So here is my first attempt at Sizzy shipping, with Simon’s shirt inside out. I’d say this is my first serious attempt at drawing Izzy. I’m still getting to grips with her. I have another Sizzy piece in mind under the title ‘It Wasn’t That Bad’. Bet you can guess what’ll be happening in that one B) And a slightly more serious scene.Definitely going to be colouring this one in time so check back Izzy and Simon belong to Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments seriesEnjoy~
Isabelle/Simon. Adorable ….streetangel8:


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