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Somos un grupo de fans de Cazadores de Sombras en Chile. Nos consideramos unos “Shadow Hunters” que queremos concentrar nuestra energía, básicamente en transmitir la magía que se vive con la lectura y en especial con los libros de Cassandra Clare. Si gustas de los libros de la literatura fantástica, no tengas dudas que “Cazadores de Sombra” te llevará a un mundo lleno de fantasías, pero que te harán sentir que a veces la realidad, es sólo una apariencia…y lo que realmente existe entre nosotros es más allá de simples humanos. Te invitamos a adéntrate al mundo de los Nephilim, los Hijos de la Noche, Hijos de la Luna, Hadas y Demonios…y junto con nosotros expandir el poder que tiene Los Instrumentos Mortales en este mundo de fantasía….te aseguro, no te arrepentirás

City of Bones

City of Bones
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sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

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You like the party? by *Street-Angel
The second of the ‘City of Lost Souls Anticipation Week’ requests.This time BlueJaysLullaby requested Magnus’ first appearance in City of Bones. I did do a sketch of him in a doorway holding the blue party invitation but then next page over there’s a description of him leaning against one of the metal pillars wound with fairy lights and he says ‘You like the party?’ to Clary.So that was the actual point I decided to depict.
I threw on some crappy colours and a stock image of a club from google to get a feel for how the piece is going to look as a whole. Also to throw in colours and details about Magnus’ make up. But it kinda made him look ugly, because it’s all just thrown on there so I thought I’d put the line-art to the side so you could see that too. Final version will be much cleaned up and re-uploaded when it’s done If you have a request for a scene from any of the Mortal Instruments series or maybe just a depiction of your favourite character (no OCs though) hit me up on this journal or my ask box if you’re on Tumblr.I love Magnus B) He is boss and belongs to Cassandra Clare
by *Street-Angel

Faeries are fallen angels, cast down out of heaven for their pride.


The first piece of ‘City of Lost Souls Anticipation Week’.
katara-alchemist requested Magnus and Alec fighting back to back from the demon invasion in City of Glass.
Needs a title though guys, options are ‘It’s a Deal’ or ‘On the Edge with You’.
Because ‘It’s a deal’ is the last line of the scene and I have Lady Gaga’s ‘The Edge of Glory’ on loop while sketching this.
Vote for title here http://street-angel.deviantart.com/journal/poll/2802204/
Was channeling some Seto Kaiba for that trench coat B)



I would never let anyone touch a hair on your head. You know that, don’t you, Tess?

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