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Somos un grupo de fans de Cazadores de Sombras en Chile. Nos consideramos unos “Shadow Hunters” que queremos concentrar nuestra energía, básicamente en transmitir la magía que se vive con la lectura y en especial con los libros de Cassandra Clare. Si gustas de los libros de la literatura fantástica, no tengas dudas que “Cazadores de Sombra” te llevará a un mundo lleno de fantasías, pero que te harán sentir que a veces la realidad, es sólo una apariencia…y lo que realmente existe entre nosotros es más allá de simples humanos. Te invitamos a adéntrate al mundo de los Nephilim, los Hijos de la Noche, Hijos de la Luna, Hadas y Demonios…y junto con nosotros expandir el poder que tiene Los Instrumentos Mortales en este mundo de fantasía….te aseguro, no te arrepentirás

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domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

Gran Spoiler de Príncipe Mecánico

Hoy Cassie ha respondido una pregunta relacionada con el triángulo amoroso de Príncipe Mecánico como lo ha hecho durante estas últimas semanas. A diferencia de las otras, creemos que en esta ocasión el contenido de spoilers es muy alto, por lo que no la traduciremos pero si la publicaremos en inglés ya que para las personas que sí se han leído este libro, es importante conocer

I’m cheating a bit here, because this is actually from the review linked to above — a very smart and thoughtful review — but several people have inboxed me to to plaintively say that they feel I have defended Jem and Tessa but not Will. :) Mostly this is because no one has actually inboxed me to say anything bad about Will in CP and I can’t defend him against invisible criticism! So I thought I’d address this, even though I genuinely hate arguing with reviews and I hope it doesn’t come off that way.

I think I haven’t gotten a lot of Will-critique in part because what happens to Will in CP is so overwhelmingly awful that it’s very hard to hate him for things he does, even if you hated him in CA.

While I have been pretty firm in saying that I think that this triangle is about three good people who are stuck in a bad situation, I don’t mean that any of the three are perfect. So here’s the scene in question: “Do you love Jem?” Will asked.“Yes, I love him,” Tessa said, and she saw Will flinch. “Don’t you?”

“But he would understand,” he said dazedly. “If we explained it to him. If we told him … he would understand.”

Is that thought a little selfish? Maybe. Lord knows Will’s only had a few minutes to assimilate some pretty staggeringly awful news (“Yep, the girl you love is engaged to your dying best friend. Life hates you, buddy.”) But good people are not good because they always think good things. They are good because they stick by what is good in the end. It doesn’t mean they never falter. Tessa, Jem and Will are all tempted, and all falter momentarily. Here Will, after years of literally putting everyone else in the world ahead of himself, falters for a moment. For five years he’s put everyone else’s safety and happiness in front of his own at terrible personal cost, and for one moment he thinks “I can’t do it again. This person, this one person, I need her to love me.”

And Tessa knows he doesn’t mean it. She’s there to catch him when he falters. She asks him, “Would you love me still, if I did [end things with Jem]?”

Because she knows him well enough to know that he wouldn’t. And Will crumples up like paper; he can’t take it; he knows she’s right. For all discussion of Will as a “bad boy” he has an ironclad moral code: he’s had to live by it, in order to survive. You have to have a very strong sense of what’s right and what’s wrong to sacrifice so much of what makes life worth living in the name of other people’s happiness and safety.

Like I said the other day, I think that it’s really natural to want to assign blame in this situation, because it is such a bad situation and such a sad one, and in general, if you like a character, you want to blame a different character — so if you like Jem, you want to blame Will, and vice versa, and if you like both boys you want to blame Tessa. But the truth is that this is a situation made up of good intentions and bad timing, and all three of them are being tested and to the most part, in my mind, passing the test.

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